Recent Work

Welcome to my site! On there pages is selected work from over the years as a writer, directer and editor. I hope you enjoy the work and please contact me at

“Robby’s Guide To Picking Up Chicks” (2014)

A pickup artist schools unsuspecting clients with “Robby’s 10 Rules of Picking Up Chicks”, to disastrous results. Directed by Sathya Vijayendran Written by Sathya Vijayendran & Pablo Arriaga

Editing/Motion Graphics Reel

“Car Masters” TV Pilot (2014)

The only reality show where psychics read cars!

“My Service Sucks!” WMD Wireless” Ad (2014)

Would you sign up for an unlimited wireless plan with 10G? These New Yorkers sound off!

“Honestly, Amelia” Season 1 (2014)

“Honestly, Ameila” tells the story of a hapless babysitter, navigating New York City. I filmed Regina Gibson’s “Honestly Amelia” in the Winter of 2013; the show was released in 2014.

“Father Figure” (2012)

A boxer tells the story of how his father’s murder pushed him into the ring.

“Knifedom” Spec (2010)

“A Van & An 8-Track” “Meeting Dad in The Sauna” “A Band of Knives”

“The Closet” (2010) Short Film